I'm Unpredictable

I'm a gemini. I don't have double personality, I only have one and it called unpredictable.
Sometimes I can be nice and friendly girl, even utterly sweet it sickening, but next I could be such a nasty b****.
So don't be surprise, just blame it on my evil twin 
Fortunately my evil twin doesn't appear very often, only if someone get on my nerve, but I tell you if she show up, it ain't pretty.
So you better be stay in my good graces, just to be safe 
charmingpurple charmingpurple
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 16, 2012

My ex husband was a gemini, and he had a charming side and a cruel side. He could be funny one minute then insulting the next. Sad to say he divorced me back in 2005 and I found out he died last month.

nice to meet you two (: I'm pretty sure the other part is just as beautiful as the other one..

fire and ice in constant beautiful battle

not to worry, as you get older you will realise that the '2' parts actually compliment each other, wisdom and wildness blend well together to 'figure' it out and get the job done, just try to find the happy balance that not everything has to be perfect and if it 'aint' broke, dont fix it love from the both of us

Hee, thanks. Wisdom and wildness, I like the way you describe gemini :)