I Am Gemini

I am Gemini and have most of the traits of a Gemini, but I don't live my life around it. I think that people who do are missing out on life. I know of people who met the perfect guy/girl and then dumped them because they didn't have a compatible sign. Now they are lonely and miserable and still looking. I'm not implying that I don't like being Gemini or that it can't be fun to read your horoscope sometimes, but I just think that some people can take it a little too far. Maybe people who are born at a particular time of the year do have similar personality traits for whatever reason, but that's not really something that can be proven. Sometimes people fit their sign because they read what their supposed to be like and start being that way. Often without realising it. I guess you could call it the power of suggestion. Until somebody proves to me that astrology really does control my life, I won't take much stock in it. However, I will still enjoy being Gemini and have fun with it. After all, it says "for entertainment purposes only" on every horoscope I've ever seen anyways. :-)
Gemini 4/8/2012 (directv) The thing about getting what you want is that its always going to change your world. It's wise to consider the many things that will happen, good and bad, and weigh your desire against them.
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most people i know who behave like their signs never believe in astrology. I date all signs coz i think sign compatibility is bullshit ! i have dated ALL signs , but i do find Geminis and Sagittarius more interesting than any others ... my bf is a Taurus and i m sick of having rigid conversation with him. I really don't care about his sign as long as hes easy with life and love and can appreciate my humor. i broke up with my Gemini ex too early - i wish we were still together now,. I really miss our silly conversations and roleplays...