The Damn Twins Argue All the Time!

That is the curse of being a gemini.  The rest are things I love.  Like being able to see each situation from both sides of the spectrum.  And, being able to be introverted, then in the blink of an eye, extroverted.  I love being like two people in one.  It is like a bonus!

The worst part is the constant debate inside.  Descisions are made hard when you have both twins wanting their way on it.  LOL.

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

You are hilarious PeacePixie! I love it. That is a reflection of what my head sounds like. I hate making decisions. LOL.<br />
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And, my handwriting is never the same two pages in a row. Sometimes it changes even in the middle of a word!<br />
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My best friend (in person) is a Gemini. And, we totally don't even have to talk, though we do OF COURSE. We are after all still women! LOL.<br />
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I am "zoning out" during this stupid comment. LOL. How ridiculous is it that I can't even finish this thought?! LOL.

So I'm a Gemini and so is my husband. That makes for a lot of personalities, eh? We even had a set of twins. CRAZY!!!

EXACTLY!!! You totally get me! LOL.