No Commitment For Me.

I don't know if I am the only one but I am finding it hard to commit myself into something for a long period of time. wise--I keep on changing interest. I just like to learn many things at one time and I'm a pretty fast learner. Right so it has always been my dream to be a marine biologist and I got into landscape instead which is not THAT bad since I get to travel all over the world to keep me interested.


Sometimes I just don't know what I want to be or what I should much things that I want...but the thing is I'll get bored easily. Right now, I'm thinking...did I choose the right course? But it's just too little too late to change my course.

Another problem is....I have mood swings. That's why I describe myself as unpredictable. One minute I can be laughing my *** off and the next, I'm so serious...the next happy again...and then upset...Lucky for me, my friends are able to adapt to my fast changing mood swings...sometimes people just don't understand me--I don't understand myself either. I have TWO other geimini gerl friends and I noticed the same characteristics in them. And I am so curious if there are many like us out there?

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Gemini here got the same problem too..

I go through the same.
I feel this intense passionate feeling for a while and then it washes away.

If I have to be committed I have to,more often than not, commit my mind to it rather than just feelings.

its soo frigging hard to commit :O :'(.. I am in a relationship with an earth sign guy and although i care for him, i dont know if this is what i really want. It means alot of sacrifices from my side and there is nothing i cant stand more than restriction. I just dont kno how to break up with him.. I have tried, but then i go back when he gets upset says 'i need you' . Its kinda wierd, i know.. :/.

hi5 ' :D

Yes, you are not alone. I suffer from the inability to find what I really want to do. Its hard for me as well. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who feels this way. Im a Gemini (May 31st) and I am prone to different moods often. So yes I know how you feel.

*high five* girl. from your desc<x>ription, we are quite the same. I try to enjoy my "flip-flop" side as much as i can coz i realize i got really stressed out or bored if my desire for change is unfulfilled. we are young and gemini so its normal :p...are u also born in 1990?

I agree with how you would get "stressed out or bored" if the changes were not fulfilled! I always want to travel to places and when non of my friends want to go I feel miserable!

I'm not schizo but some people may classify as such. I love doing many things, I'm very creative, I'm into the arts. I love doing mosiacs, jewelry, sewing, gardening, writing, reading, biking, hiking, swimming, walking, nature, (especially talking).<br />
<br />
It takes my friends a lot of patience to deal with my conversations because I tend to flirt from one subject to the next. To me it flows but to everyone else it's a what are you talking about? I get impatient, I went to school for architecture but instead I work on computers. Go figure!<br />
<br />
I'm married to a Leo #2, I was married to a Virgo #1, I'm in lust with an Aries, and had a passionate fling with a Scorpio. I love to flirt and do it very successfully, my friends think I'm outrageous but I've always been this way.<br />
<br />
Gen 2

Oh my God! I feel exactly like you do!<br />
<br />
I'm a Gemini woman and I find it hard to be constant in anything. My first love is music and I'm a singer and that's my thing, but I also have many other interests too, mainly in the arts.<br />
I'm forever changing, moody and unpredicatable. I'm impulsive and impatient. I don't like things passing me by and I don't like missing out on things, though my impatience means I do miss out and I never really have a deep knowledge or understanding of things.<br />
<br />
I have an ex-boyfriend, now my best friend and he's a Sagitttarius. He keeps me grounded and really understands me even when I'm acting crazy and being all weird and emotional. Some people don't understand me and like you've said, I don't always understand myself.<br />
All I know is that all we have are moments in life. Every second is another chance to turn things around.<br />
<br />
I used to get upset in my younger years that I never fitted in anywhere. I'm 25 soon and I still don't fit in, but I've gotten used to and accepted this as who I am. I love everything and maybe have one really best friend (the same guy) who I love to bits, but I loev everyone and I don't really have a favourite anything.<br />
<br />
I have wondered if I am Schizophrenic.<br />
<br />
Do you feel like that?

that makes the two of us...=D