Not Your Typical Gemini

many Geminis are described as fickle with multiple personalities. the ability to be hot and cold at the same time, and to love with half of themselves while spitefully hating at the same time. they are strong and confident and in are successful with politics. they are bullheaded at times and often get bored easily. they make good friends because they tend to invoke humor, but they are sometimes not very loyal.

i am almost none of these things. i personally think i was born under the wrong sign. so many of my friends have some really funny things to say then they find out a Gemini. one of my friends was like...oh are the only good Gemini i have ever met. another cant be you are too nice to be a Gemini.

i know its nothing to base my life upon, its just one of those horoscopes that are terribly wrong for me specifically, which i just think is a little interesting considering the zodiac can be pretty accurate at times.

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You can get a birth chart created from these to find not only your sun sign, but your moon sign, ascendant (if you know your birth time), etc. <br />
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Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising (Asc) here

I am far from political lol. but i do get bored very easlie, and i can be hot and cold at the same.