Why I'm a Gemini...

I totally believe that Gemini's are the most unpredictable and complicated people ever lived.  I can attest to that because I am one of those people.  I mean, I change mind in an instant, I can't make up my mind and I complicate things (little things, actually)...it's just not normal sometimes. 

Take for example, Relationships...I never had a long term relationship ever.  It bothers me sometimes but then I realized maybe it's me who has a problem.  I am just so unpredictable.  When things get mess up, I don't take chances...I just end it.  I get tired with little things right away.   I guess I am not fit for any comitment at all.  Pathetic but it's better that way.   I don't worry that much anywayz...

I am simple.  I don't ask for anything big but I failed a lot of things.  Not just relationship but as well as studies.  I could have had a bright future ahead of me but I messed it up.  I wanted to be someone but I got fed up, I got lazy and got a little bit crazy.   It's complicated because I made it complicated.  I am not ashame to admit that because it's the truth and somehow I know I will feel better after writing this.   When I was at college, I thought it'll work out well.  I enrolled myself in a very prestigeous school.  I was a medical technologist student.  It went well at first not to mention my friend's took thesame courses, too.  I enjoyed a year or two.  When it started to get really difficult, I started failing and after four years I shifted to another course.  I know my mom was devastated but there was nothing I could do.  I took a different course which was far from what I wanted.  In the end, I din't graduate.  I have wanted to be an architect...well, I thought I would be one great architect just because I have a talent for sketching but then I realized...wrong!  I would have done thesame thing because I know that's not what am goin' to be.  Then, a few years back, I thought, hey, why not help animals.  Since I love animals why not try Vet?  it's pretty lame, I know but after a while I forgot about that idea.  Well, i've learn from my journies in college but it would have been great if I have gotten a diploma.  So, thinking about the past...I know I should have not quit.  I don't blame myself for being a Gemini.  I know that has nothing to do with everything.  I am the problem...I am just so complicated. 

So, being a gemini is something I am not proud of.   It's like a dual personality.  I can't stick to one idea and decision in one day.  It wont even last an hour.   Anyhow, I got used to it already.  Everytime I have plans, I don't decide right away.  I take time to think about it.  It is like a decease.  I can't control it.  One thing also, I get bored right away.  I get crazy when I don't do anything.  As long as my mind is busy...I can live. 

I wont deny the fact the geminis trully have a disturbing personality but we're also unique in our own way.

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Wat u said apts fr me actually...bt i am proud to be a gemini ...bcoz we have many other positive qualities ...wich v must concentrat on...tak lyf as it ****!!

Hey everyone! I'm a Gemini, so you would think I'd know what I'm up against having just ended a relationship with a Gemini man- however I've noticed Geminis can have a range of personalities. So basically, the relationship began SO amazing, with this man giving me everything I could've ever wanted.......and it just flipped one day. My friends and I are concluding it was around when he went to get stuff out of his ex's house- but the huge flip happened when facing a health crisis. it got so bad, I had to call the police on him. Yesterday, he threatened me with a cease and desist letter- which wasn't even threatening to sue me, it was the written equivalent of sticking your tongue out and plugging your ears, everything minus and "I'm rubber and you're glue" reference. Basically, do Gemini men have the tendency to come back to normal, and think he'll actually follow through suing me?

my date of birth is 8 June,will some one let me know ,what kind of Gemini i am?

For someone to give your a better summary of what kind of Gemini you are, you'd need more info. For instance what time where you born? And what city where you born in? I ask because there's more to you than just your Sun sign. Like how the stars were aligned when you where born or what your Moon sign is.
I was born 7 June, so I'm a Gemini, but my 'Moon' sign is Picses and my 'Rising' or 'Asendent' sign is Scorpio. It makes for a very interesting personality mix.

thanks lot appreciate it

Sure. ;)

wanda you write my story,that what i feel, how you know my life? :-) same things here not more not less,<br />
For me every little thing is a big problem, for me every thing is tension, we are free people, do not like restrictions.

this sounds all too familiar,do i know you?Just kidding , it happens we are born this way like lady GaGa says...and i have all the same traits..Just breathe and you will find some people admire those traits and you will kick butt...

ah...i m gemini for sun, moon and mercuy but i make up my mind quickly. i do change alot, in appearance / life goals...other than that, i m strong-minded....everyones different!

@geminiguy1971: Good Luck on your first book! =)

I am the perfect example of a gemini. I will turn 40 June 16th and I just found out about what a gemini is. I have spent my whole life feeling exactly like these people are explaining and thinking I was crazy! Dr's had me down as Depressed, but I knew there was so much more to it. And then I stumbled on this site and started reading. I have had books and books of things happen to me that sound to most like made up stories, but I can assure you with proof they are not. <br />
Now, quickly I am getting happier by the day, even on rainy days. Just knowing I'm not crazy and I can agree then disagree, like and dislike, be happy and sad, on and on "All at once, or from this time to that time" I know now that I can just accept being depressed and it is for no reason. Then feel so happy I could cry for no reason. <br />
I was very religious when I was in high school and kept that moral compass for all these years and blamed the devil for my bad thoughts. My bad thoughts were of women ;) only, never violence or hate. Now that I believe different, I'm not sure what I am going to do with my life, but I think it will be much happier.<br />
I've been married 20yrs, only one time, and to a true Cancer..... Man, there are soooo many books on that. I retired from the military which kept me straight and not being board with life. Never had any children which is something I do want. <br />
I better stop and say, thank you for sharing your gemini story :) before I write my first book.

good luck in your first book *thumbs up*

I feel very left out because I am a Gemini but I don't share any traits !!!!

I agree with bagofbones here.<br />
I am also a Gemini and have had many of the same traits it seems. but I'm not sure it's the DOB that causes them. : ) Good luck in the future. : )

What, you all believe in astrologic signs and this is an explanation of personality?<br />
<br />
There is a little known fact that needs to get out there. <br />
Ask ANY astronomer. The stars have not been in the same place inwhich they resided when the astrologic signs were made for the 12 houses, for thousands of years. The ONLY constallation that is still pretty much in the same place in relationship to other houses, and that is in about the same configuration, is GEMINI. <br />
<br />
Readings that are continued from the origional and ancient forms of star reading are not reliable. <br />
<br />
I am a Gemini that fits some of the scenarios that are given as baseline Gemini personality. Except that I enjoy getting lost in creative projects, and have to think out and strive to reach goals. If goals will be reached better by changing tactics, I do not mind changing tactics. But I do not change my mind every couple minutes or capriciously. <br />
<br />
My most prominent trait is the need to find variety and to try new things. <br />
<br />
This is not to say that I do not like to do something several times, or that I will not do something just because I have done it before. <br />
<br />
It is fascinating how almost anyone can find some of themselves in any of the personality signs. <br />
<br />
That is the beauty of it and more than likely the reason that people are drawn to astrologic readings. <br />
<br />
Anybody out there who knows the details about this background?<br />
<br />