That's It!!!

There it goes again...

TWO guys in my life...

When guy A is around me, I completely forget about guy B. And when I'm laughing my *** off with guy B...guy A never exist...and when both of them are around me at the same time, I can't decide.

And before I knew it, another guy comes along...and I don't really care about the other two...

My goodness...I don't know how it's gonna end. I can't be moving on too fast right? Shucks.

Another friend of mine faces the exact same thing. Guess what? She's a surprises me how we are able to change our mind that fast...and how we are able to adapt to rapid changes...

Arrrghhh!!! In this case, I think I'm going nowhere....

Syaz Syaz
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2007

haahah..<br />
its normal..ur normal..<br />
i undergo da same thng 2!!<br />
guess wat im a gemini:-*<br />
<br />
u knw i used 2 worry alot abt true love..etc etc etc...wen sum1 means smthn he den odrz do 2 u knw!!!<br />
<br />
i guess its ol good in da long as we knw hw 2 get ovr da negative moods nd b happy!!!<br />
<br />

Sounds like you've got your mojo workin', girl!