I Am Post Op Transsexual Translesbian Transwomen And So On.

Hi My Name is leece i live in  south australia.
i am post op transsexual who has trouble fitting in the lesbian world due to most not wanting to know you.
they seame to think your just out for sex and we a freaks.
i was looking for freinds not sex.
i gave up on ever finding a partener some time ago.
so now just looking for freinds.
then i found out about gender queer  and yes maybe this is wear i fit in.

maybe i might make freinds here.
i suppose time will tell.
i working in mining so not always home.
leecej leecej
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I must say that I stumbled upon this by accident. How? Your guess is as good as mine.

But I wouldn't ever want to be friends with a transgendered person or even be in contact with them. This may sound hateful, but I see you people as...strange. Just as I wouldn't want to be in the company of people who sleep with animals or pedophiles....I don't want to be around you.

This does NOT mean that I'm uncomfortable. More like...you're just an extreme oddity that I'd have NO wish to experience.

Hateful, though seemingly not violent. "I'm not racist but black people are an extreme oddity, I just don't want to deal with them in any way"...

No. That's not hateful at all. I wish people would learn the definition of words instead of spouting ignorance. Which is why I said it may SOUND hateful...though it really isn't.

There is no "extreme/intense/passionate dislike" for transgenders. I just feel weird/odd around you...especially since you're claiming to be something that you are not. You're not a wo/man. You're a transgendered wo/man. There's a difference between the two.

I wouldn't consider people racist just because they wouldn't want to be around black people...especially if they've NEVER been around one before. Judgmental? Yes. Not racist (because in order to be one you would have to be prejudiced and believe blacks are inferior).

I understand. The word I should have chosen was discriminatory.
You're right saying that if you were born a male for example, you are and won't be technically a woman, even though you seemingly are. I would say that being transgender is a dysfunction where you can't relate to your body. Changing the physical perception of yourself is a way to accept yourself when you're transgender(ed). if I transitioned, I wouldn't be able to claim that I'm a woman. But I would be able to create some link between my psyche and my life (I've tried very hard until a few years ago).
I feel for intersexed people, who are born nor female nor male (or both). They can suffer bigotry, as one woman with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome has. She is technically a male (testes and testosterone production) but has a correct female body with the genitalia you would expect (no ovaries and uterus, however). Once her "friends" knew about her syndrome, they acted like sh*t and asked dumb questions. Well, even when raised as a girl, she is seen as some sort of garbage because she is different (is she really ?)
People are like the most basic animals: they just have a hard time dealing with what's different, yet not harmful. Some [exhibit aggressive behaviour towards/experience fear or avoid] what's different. This is life.

Discriminatory isn't really the right word either. I'm not prejudiced. I would say "judgmental" would be the correct word. And I accept that.

I would agree that transgenderism is a dysfuntion...but similar to other psychological problems, it's one that should be studied (and it's one NOT getting enough study). I don't think it's a natural function of nature. I think it's something to do with the miswiring of neurons...or hormonal imbalance. I also understand that changing one's physiology allows them to easily associate with what they feel they are naturally.

I just think it's the wrong way to go about it. People are making money off of them...and not truly trying to understand WHY they feel as they do. It's not normal...and shouldn't be accepted as such. Just as schizophrenia isn't normal. A mental dissociation between the physical being and mental aspect of an individual is NOT what would be considered "normal" (does not affect the majority of people living).

The "woman" is, in essence, different. The person is a male, simply put. It should be understandable why the person does not feel/live that way because what they are going through (it should be obvious), but that person should also realize that they are not, in fact, a woman. What you are biologically is what you are. And that person is not a man because of their plumbing. They're a man because that disorder is only prevalent within males.

As you said, it's life. People have their beliefs and aren't going to like/want to be around certain people. But I'm under no illusion that what they go through happens to be "normal"...as hard as society is trying to push it.

It's not. The APA believes it is because they feel that the individual would be the only person to determine their identity. While that is true, what does it make of the people who believe their animals or something else? I just think Transgenderism needs to be studied further...rather than be a money-maker.

I do mostly agree with your reply, and I thank you for taking the time to answer. However, "they're a man because that disorder is only prevalent within males", seems like nonsense fallacy. They're a man because they're a man, it not simpler than that.
Determining one's own identity no matter what biology says is not normal (that is, rare.) but since sex, sexuality and gender are a very hard topic, it may make sense to question these psychological "oddities". On the other side, claiming to be a dog is nonsense, because a dog and a human are strictly different species.
I would also like more studies over transgenderism, and for the future, a way to cure that (lol. actually this is known to be impossible in the brain, but this would make lives much simpler). some studies exist but the most thorough are often driven by prejudice (whether positive of negative)

Life is depressing. More so when you are not exactly like everybody else.

1) I'd have to say that it doesn't seem like a fallacy to me. Just as red-green color blindness only affects men, there are disorders that are entirely gender specific.

2) I would disagree that personal identification isn't normal. That is how we find our sense of "self": our roles in our given society/culture that we dwell in, our beliefs, our traits, our personalities....It's as normal (and complex) as how two neurons "pass messages" to each other (in my opinion).

3) Lol. You wouldn't believe the people I've seen claim that they were part wolf or other beast. I wouldn't say that they have any mental disturbance, but I would say that they have a connection most people wouldn't understand. Yet, it's not as "damaging" to themselves because it's not like they're going to dramatically change their chemical make-up through hormone therapy or physically alter themselves to look like what they believe they should.

4) I doubt there will ever be a cure...lol. But I believe, with further unbiased study, that there will be treatment available. Just like there is for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, multiple identity ect. It won't be full-proof...I highly doubt it. But I think it's much better than letting people live in delusion.

Now. I'm not saying that people who would REJECT the offer of treatment not be allowed to go through SRS surgery or hormone therapy. But I would ask that they be forthcoming to their future (sexual) partners about who they are. No one likes to be lied to and many people will see it as that.

5) Lol. Not one person is the same. Everyone is different and I think it should be embraced. People may have more similarities/differences than others...but as long as everyone remembers that we are all the same in some way, unique in others, and simply different in yet other ways...then Life would be much less depressing.

Or should be..lol.

1) Color blindness affects women 16 times less, but the gene is always carried by the mother. Transgenderism, however, seems to affect males twice or three times more frequently than females. Color blindness is essentially a male disorder, but transgenderism is not. Even autism, which is considered a male only disorder is estimated to a 2:1 to 16:1 ratio.

2) About 399 on 400 people identify with their body sex. Which makes me think this is innate. The few ones which have a hard time identifying with their own body sex, I would think their identification mode is abnormal. Even though it happens, to one out of 100 individuals in some countries.

3) True. They say it but do not take it too seriously, which is sane.

4) I think many transgender people live in a delusional state.... which in some way is less damaging if they were to transition. I am transgender(ed) myself, but have a vision of things which tells me : I will never be a woman, but an individual who looks (hopefully) like a woman. This would just be a way to live with what I identify to, a way that is unneeded but would make life easier. I don't feel that my brain is female or something like that. My brain functions like a brain, and I believe that much of the crap linked to female and male beahviours is bogus and emphasized by society. I have typical male and typical female interests and behaviours. This does not make me an individual who is born female. I want to transition and work on some different type of identification.

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Hi leece, I already think you are great for taking the step of transition. If people don't want to know you, they lose getting to know someone of great conviction. Welcome to EP, I just returned today.

thank you real women and its lovely to meet you. i also must work out how to change my city to Perth. i hope you are not so lonely now too.

Hi Hush09<br />
not brave just open about who and what i am. its also to help educate others we are out there and we are normal people. there is to much discrimination in the world.<br />
hope you have a great day<br />