I Know That I Love Her So Much...

yeah.....She is so beautiful...she is my friend and she is straight...I have told her about my feelings,now she knows everything..but she still continue treat me as friend and it hurts a lot...I am so confused..I don't know what I must do...I think I mustn't make her fall in love with me...I think it will be a sin...I don't wanna make her live these pains..I don't know if I must go away from her or I must stay with her...I am so happy around her..I think she is the reason that I live...I don't want her to be my friend....I want much more than friendship....she can always make me smile,even if everything is so bad...she has got a boyfriend but she doesn't love him..and I am jealous of her so much,I feel so helplessness....she will never be mine...I know..but really I love her so much...
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4 Responses May 23, 2012

sin?! i think not <br />
how could love ever be a sin...<br />
im not saying you should go after this girl; cause thats a horrible idea<br />
but shes straight. so leave her alone <br />
hold on to her friendship <br />
your not the only one that will be or has been deprived of something so beautiful and precious...<br />
it happens im sry

the same thing happened to me and i told her how i felt and now shes sad because she doesn't want to hurt me but she can't change the fact that shes straight. sucks. :(

I feel for ya girl. I tend to be in the same boat pretty often with the sin thing. Message me if you ever want to talk

r u sure that it is a sin?

True love is never a sin.

yeaaahhh...I think so.. :(((