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I Am A Genius!!!

here's my timeline:

6 months old, first phrase: I love you doggy

2 years: I could read by myself. had a huge shelf of dr suess books.

3 years: read a note in cursive

4.5 years: I took the citizenship test and got 74 percent on it.

5 years: iq test qualified me for Mensa. Lexile: 800
2nd day of kindergarten: was promoted into advanced 5th grade reading and advanced 3rd grade math.

6 years: promoted to 2nd grade. Lexile: 1050

7 years; promoted to 4th grade Lexile: 1221

10 years: in program to do 7th and 8th grade in one year. Still in all advanced classes. GPA last year, 3.989 Lexile: 1575

Will update soon! Lied about age to get in here!

AmethystGemstone AmethystGemstone 13-15 7 Responses Jul 25, 2011

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You're a genius? You definitely don't write like one.
Sorry of I've misunderstood, but your writing style does not seem to denote a high level of education.

So you're 10? That's impressive. I certainly had a complex thought process as a child, but I didn't advance that rapidly.

Am I the only lazy genius ?

Lol nope, I'm one.

No way! I'm definately one.
I think a lot of geniuses are lazy because it came easyu to them when they were young.

Do people ask you why you're not curing cancer ? Or anything else like that ? They wave the spiderman quote in my face like it's some important law or whatever. I'm gonna stop before I rant.

I'm one. Every elementary school teacher I had told me I had tons of potential. Every middle school teacher I had couldn't understand why I didn't want to do anything. I told them all I was planning to drop out from the first day I came to school.

And I did : )

Oh man! MugiwaraBlair, I'm feeling you! We need to start a support group for unmotivated geniuses. Maybe I'll get around to that later.

Good idea ^^

So good actually that Imma steal it now.

Let me know how to find it. :-)

The group is called "I Am Brilliant But Lazy"

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Pff, flying is for losers, behold my quantum space-time displacer !

Yes, I am working on my glider license on my 14th bday and my powered airplane on sweet 16.

And can you fly?

I won best summer reader in school every year.