I Am In Constant Thought

I have always been different from everyone else when it comes to spatial relations and verbal aptitude. My hobby is learning Mandarin Chinese.  I can read some after learning the language for one and a half years.  I got A's in math and physics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, English literature, biology etc...and my art design won in a book cover contest for a university.  I draw, doodle, design, learn Chinese, write Chinese characters...and boy sometimes it gets tiring :).  Plus I always didn't want to brag in front of other people, but at least here I can freely say...I am a genius. I love to think....
mikenyc99 mikenyc99 36-40 3 Responses Mar 21, 2012

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I think constantly too XD
Yay for the thinkers!!

Well then go and create something big. No one cares about geniuses who are really good at coloring within the lines.

I applaud you in your deep thinking and in your Genius.

Carry on my friend. Keep working your mind > and see if you can

use your sharp mind to come up with something that would really help

the world out and provide a nice income for yourself.

The the world will benefit and you will have a nice comfortable life

Invent something or solve some problem or create something that helps out in some way.