I Am In Constant Thought

I have always been different from everyone else when it comes to spatial relations and verbal aptitude. My hobby is learning Mandarin Chinese.  I can read some after learning the language for one and a half years.  I got A's in math and physics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, English literature, biology etc...and my art design won in a book cover contest for a university.  I draw, doodle, design, learn Chinese, write Chinese characters...and boy sometimes it gets tiring :).  Plus I always didn't want to brag in front of other people, but at least here I can freely say...I am a genius. I love to think....
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4 Responses Mar 21, 2012

IQ is just one ingredient of many needed for genius. It is the lest important ingredient. Contact me if you wish to make full use of your IQ. I can set your mind on fire and turn you into a real genius.

I think constantly too XD
Yay for the thinkers!!

Well then go and create something big. No one cares about geniuses who are really good at coloring within the lines.

I applaud you in your deep thinking and in your Genius. <br />
Carry on my friend. Keep working your mind > and see if you can <br />
use your sharp mind to come up with something that would really help <br />
the world out and provide a nice income for yourself. <br />
<br />
The the world will benefit and you will have a nice comfortable life <br />
Invent something or solve some problem or create something that helps out in some way.