I feel like I'm playing an MMORPG on a RolePlay server and I'm the only one who isn't in character.

I can't get myself into character as easily or as often as I used to. I'm constantly seeing my experiences from the perspective of the intellectual observer. Like when I used technology I can't help but think about advances, previous tech, what I would have had in 1900, who invented what, what will come and just how amazing all of it is...oh plus how amazing it is I'm aware of it...and the fact I'm aware I'm aware of it ...also the fact I'm aware that there is a level of awesome in the fact I'm aware that there is a level of awesome in the fact I'm aware...
No those weren't accidentally repeated.
When I see modern marvels and even when I appreciate simple beauty like at work (landscaping nursery) I can't help but zoom out in such a manner while conversely zooming in and viewing bugs, changes on landscape, etc....

I feel like the times when I'm actually fully engaged with my body and not being an "observer" or a "thinker", are few and far between.

This is part of my problem with depression and feeling disconnected...while also being the cause of the initial need to disconnect due to a lack of said ability in the human general population.

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I am a genius as well- we share the same problem(s) from what it looks like.

It sucks lol!
Trying to explain to other people that,"no I do see your point, I just disagree", is so impossible.

Most peoples complete lack of ability to get outside their own PoV makes them think others can't either.
If I'm defending a position, it MUST be because I gain something by it.
The fact they think I think this way shows me how they think. Usually it's depressing lmao.

I try to give everyone credit for being sentient and conscious, but damn, most people aren't lol.

I agree. To think is to live.

I'm not a genius but somehow i can relate c: