According to the Tests....

when i was a kid i hated school, it was boring and i felt i was better off educating myself because i was learning next to nothing. I was always in trouble and they wanted to put me in the class for all the bad children. before they could put me in that class they had to give me all kinds of tests and things to see why i was the way i was, part of the procedure is an intelligence test. when the results came back they said i was an emoitonally disturbed genius. lol. So they put me in the class with the bad kids and the stupid kids, where i just got in more trouble because i was even more bored.

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Me too! I have also had strange emotions I cannot describe. I am self taught in psychology and the occult and religion and a few sciences mostly of the mind. My score as an adult has stayed largely at 140 but this is because of my circumstances. I have too many problems to sit and read anymore. Also I had funny idea. Once you hit genius level and reflect on how you did it then theoretically you could be as smart as you want time permitted. I was wondering though if anyone else has experienced new emotions following the intelligence spike? A lot have brought up the emotionally disturbed thing but is there anything you feel that does not fit anywhere in psychology that you cannot describe?

I have an IQ of 146 and my sex drive is off the charts.

i had a similar experience with similar results.<br />
it was fun...<br />
i was a terrible trouble maker