H0w Men Should Treat A Woman

i understand why women don't trust most men, they only want one thing. they should be told they are loved.  They should be respected, all women need too know and hear that you love them. Sex is not everything,there is much  more to life like having someone to hold and make each other feel happy and wanted. Always try too make their life great because all they want is to be loved and made to feel special.
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It seems to me that I am very lucky in that department because my man tells me every day that he loves me, and he always does things for me even when he is so tired, he can barely stay awake after working all day, then coming home and cooking. He even brings me my plate !!! He looks after me when I am sick, he has bathed me when I could not, the same wonderful man has done just about everything for me at one time or another in the past of our marriage/relationship. Most people don't know what they have until it's gone, I KNOW WHAT I HAVE. I just can't stand to know that because of my pain and some other medical issues, that he often feels lonely when he shouldn't. I want to spend all of the time that I possibly can with him. I hope he does know how much that I love him, and what he means to me. What is you opinion lonewolf, do you think he knows these thing, do you think he knows that he is always on my mind and in my heart? Do you think that it's possible that he knows that when we touch, the sparks fly, but they fly only for him, not for anyone else? That without him, that I would not know what true passion is or unconditional love?

Please tell him, tell him as often as you can as the mistake most people make is thinking that there companion male or female knows what they think. Voice it loud and clear.

thats what im here for i love too make people happy the way they should be , i hope i make you feel special ...sweety.

That is so very true women like to feel special