Good Or Bad: An Observation

Challenges. Life is replete with them. Risks, adventure, girls do not seek either good guys or bad guys per se. It's not even about confidence as such. Girls, want challenges. Friends can be made by those who are reliable. However, challenges and fixing them is more of a thrill for almost any girl I have spoken with. This is not a judgment statement. Nor is this saying it is wrong. It is mere observation. Why do I write about being a gentleman? The simple answer is that I am often discarded because I am genuinely interested with people qua people. Or in other words, yes flirting is fun, however, there are other components for me in interaction. I want to know a person and not just desire a person. I realize being desire is a big turn on. Why wouldn't it be? I like being desired. I enjoy being a human too. I realize people will say balance is essential. I don't disagree. However, being a gentleman is really all I know even if it a fallacy.
startingpointguard33 startingpointguard33
26-30, M
Mar 27, 2012