I Try To Be One

We live within a society of selfish, apathetic and some at least, ignorant people. Majority of men and women are in my opinion, far too lose and vulgar. The amount of times I have to hear about some slutty women or some sexist man, thrown in with all the "wild parties" and drunken sex with all the drama that follows it, is hardly how I think someone should act. Everyone can do what they want of course and this is just my humble opinion on the matter.

Nature herself has made the prospect of acting like gentlemen and gentle ladies a difficult one. Alas that our own natures encourage us to bully, hate, stick to our bad habits, kill and throw away all sense of decency in the name of quick and selfish pleasure.

Being a gentlemen, in my opinion, was/is the first step in rising above our own crass natures and fixing the issues that nature has granted upon us. It is a shame that this ideal was overturned by people in the past who was supposedly gentlemen but merely held the facade of what one is. I think a gentlemen doesn't merely act in a gracious, selfless and polite way but IS gracious, selfless and polite.

Ultimately it is a lifestyle choice and perhaps it would not fit for everyone, certainly not in this day and age of insecure boys and loose girls. However I am trying to become the very traits that I value the most within men and women, while it is certainly a challenge acting as a gentlemen in off days, it is, to me at least, worth it in every way.
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can I steal your talent in expressing?in english

As long as i can steal your two other languages, although i'm far better at expressing myself through writing than i am through speaking.

So nicely written! Be blessed always :)

Thank you, i appreciate that, i hope you will be too :)

Impressive! =3 That is a pretty cool look on things.

I have to agree on a lot of it, I'm not perfect but I'm not like most girls so I can be proud of that. This really did make my day thanks for posting it.... No matter how late I am finding it. =#

Thank you :D and your more than welcome, i really appreciate yo taking the time to comment, i'm more than pleased that it was able to make your day :D and its okay, it doesn't matter how late or early you are, what matters is that you arrived :)

That username is pretty cool

Thank you! I'm pleased with it too :) i like yours as well, lol its pretty funny :P

Thanks! =3 I think I am going to browse through your stories if you don't mind.

sure, if you want we can add each other and talk to one another if you like? :)

I would enjoy that a lot.
Fair warning I am not really good at conversations but I will try! =#

aw thats fine dont worry about it, i'm quite introverted as well :)

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