It should say, I'm a Southern gentle. I was raised to say yes sir, yes mam, no sir and no mam. I was raised that a gentleman opens doors for ladies. To give your coat to woman when she is cold or its raining. To treat all women with respect. Its a dying breed, but I will raise my boys to do the same!
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DITTO.......... Nothing make me prouder than to have someone else tell me how well mannered my two boys are. They say yes sir and yes mam because chivalry is not dead in the south............. and should not be anywhere else in AMERICA either!!

I try to raise my boys the same way, and my girls to accept with a thank you and a smile but to never take it for granted

Sounds like a good start....but I think some things are missing. What do you do when there's two sets of doors? Run past the ladies to arrive at the second door before them?


Hey I've had to do that... :)