A Gentleman....

...through and through. I have always been very respectful of women and treat them as such. I open doors, pull out chairs, assist with jackets, go get the car if it's raining and ask them to wait (and I still get out and open their door). It doesn't matter if they are my partner or not. I treat all women the same way.

It's just who I am...

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

The thing that one learns, as a gentleman, is that many mistake kindness and generosity for weakness, and try to take advantage of men who aren't selfish or threatening. It behooves anyone who would be a gentleman to cultivate a very sharp eye for pla<x>yers and scammers. Sadly, I am the kind of guy who learns only by experience, so I have learned to be watchful and to know what to look for only by being taken for a ride by various people. When I see these kinds of people these days, I just decline to engage them at all.