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For my entire life I've had that fiery red hair that causes me to stick out like a sore thumb. I also have freckles across my nose, and on my cheeks. My eyes aren't green, but rather an icy blue, but MUCH too big for my face. I was very short and figureless too. I remember when I was around 8, I had a huge crush on this boy who happened to be my best friend. Now, many kids had been teasing me about my pale skin and red hair, so I had just been sitting on the bus by myself, looking out the window and wishing I was blonde. He sat down next to me and said, "Hey what's up Red?" I had been angry with people making fun of my coloring, so I told him not to call me that. He looked shocked then exclaimed, "But your hair is so beautiful!" I felt so pretty all of a sudden. This boy just told me I had had beautiful hair! "And let's not forget those lovely eyes either." I was so ecstatic. I felt AMAZING. When we got to Middle School, he asked me to a dance, and I had the greatest time. But then the word "Ginger" became popular for picking on redheads. When he hung out with me, other kids laughed at him for hanging out with "That ugly Ginger girl". Then BAM. He ignored me. He started crushing on another girl. She had hair dark as that murky, debris filled part of the angriest sea. Black hair. She was tall too, much taller than him, and curvy. She took the one thing I had, she was merciless and cold. She despised me with a burning passion. He dances with HER now, he texts HER, he waits for HER at the end of the day. Once, I asked him to give me a ride home from Drama Club the next day (we're neighbors) and he said yes, but conveniently "forgot" to tell his mom. I waited outside of the school in 20 degree weather for 45 minutes. Turns out they brought HER home instead. But, I am still waiting for him to come back for me. He hasn't returned to his "ugly Ginger girl".
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Honey, I'm so sorry that you're having to experience this. He is clearly, clearly NOT worthy of you! You *are* beautiful!!!! He's obviously a moron! No young man worth your time would ever treat you like that. A real man, regardless of his age, will never, ever make you feel anything less than beautiful. A real man will perceive and appreciate your beauty regardless of what those around him think because a real man can THINK FOR HIMSELF.
This jerk clearly has a TON of maturing to do and it's very unfortunate that you were caught in the crossfire but I am telling you, and hear me, please: this has everything to do with HIS lack of maturity, decency, and character. Alone. The only thing it has to do with you and your beauty is the fact that he has stupidly chosen to not follow his own tastes but let the crowd around him tell him how to live his life.
Fine. Let him 'live' that way; you be YOU! No apologies, and don't give idiot fools like him the time of day, honey; it's a complete waste of your time, your effort, and you are VALUABLE. You are BEAUTIFUL....and, you deserve so, SO much more.
Do yourself the favor of NOT settling for anything less than you deserve.