Ok New York Fans!!!!

ok..guys where is the  the smack talk now!!!! where are the pm's..guess we still have not played anyone..and to that one special guy..lol..lol..lol..34 to 0!!!! yes manning really picked us a part!!!!  NOT !!!!
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Go Niners!

and just how many NY football teams made the playoffs?

As much as I loved the shellacking my Patriots still lost

and we needed you to win,,,

I know!! Was a great 3rd qtr too, thought they were going to do it. Now there is talk of them losing on purpose so they don't play Pitt & @ Denver but I don't buy it. Still think they can beat anyone, any day, any place.

thanks for the 4 rate up and the 2 thank you's,,,

Love this story!!!

thanks!!! i got some pretty bad mails this week..but 34 to 0...lol..lol..

I get them too being a broncos fan.

But I HATE the giants

you guy's are looking good right now..

Yeah we are thanks. Pretty excited for the post season

jmo.. you guys have to get by the pat''s first..i am looking faward to that match up..

I think we will expose that secondary of theirs easily. Manning is playing LIGHTS OUT

his come back is just so cool.i have i never liked him but after this yr i am fast becoming a fan


We will always take more fans hun!

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