It happens all the time I get so embarrassed
Daddyslilfrenchgirl Daddyslilfrenchgirl
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Get me wet! Love to play with you!

No need to be embarrassed, just please squirt in my mouth.

I love the taste of *****, you can squirt straight into my mouth

Nope. Be proud!

you shouldnt be embarrassed. it one of the sexiest things ever

love a squirter

That's nothing to be embarrassed about. It gives a guy a sense he did a good job.

It's beautiful

Don't be! Your body is special! I love squirters

how often do you squirt?

Please don't be embarassed, this is a huge turn on. Even if I never experienced this I fantasize much about getting squirted over me, that's the best compliment a woman can give her partner that he pleases her so well she releases in a squirting ******.

Don't be embarrassed. It is a beautiful gift !

Most men like it. Try doing it on a shiny black PVC sheet (you can buy online) , then **** in your own ***. Dirty and slippery!

You have no reason to be embarrassed about this at all, this only means that you are fully enjoying the sex in what ever fashion and I would love for you to be kneeling over me riding my lips and tongue as you explode. For me this is a huge turn on and I can almost ****** myself feeling and tasting you as you do. So don't be ashamed of enjoying yourself and showing it, if your not enjoying the sex than what the HELL is the sense in having it? :-)

don't ever get embarrassed. most men love it. i personally would love to experience it. message me?

This is good, no need to be shamed of. This actually helps a lot during sex, so u should be proud of this :)

Embrace it!

As i told you. I'd get extra horny if you squirt on me while riding me. There are more nice men out here who like it!

English isn't my mother tongue, what is squirting?

Well I don't really think it would be that bad... Well then again I don't really know but I don't see what would be bad about you squirting