I Miss You!

I always felt something while we would randomly look at each other from a distance, but I never could tell was it was. Back then we were completely strangers but there was a weird connection between us. We went to the same school for almost 3 years but never really spoke. I was way to shy to even say hi, she was the exact opposite. I remember her finding excuses to talk to me during recess. When she did I'd just completely freeze and say anything that could come out of my mouth, which was sometimes a small laugh,a giggle even a moan.
I really wanted to get to know her better but i just couldn't.
So after knowing her for 4 years we finally got closer at some party which we were both attending. She sent me a message on Facebook asking If I was going. I was shocked, I truly did't know what to reply. I wasn't really planning on going because my mum was in hospital that day so I wasn't really feeling like going. She told me that she was going and that she wanted someone to hang out with, so she asked me if I'd go with her...
It was on the 15th of June,2011. A night I hope I'll never forget. We sat on a bench a little bit further outside of where the party was happening. She was drinking beer and I was just to happy to drink anything! She offered me some of her drink and so I took a sip thinking I might've loosen up a bit. After sharing each others thoughts for about 4 hours she suggested we should go for a walk.. It was almost midnight(I remember because of looking at the watch to see how much time we had spent together without boring each other for a second) she left her beer in a trash can that was near by. We walked for 30 minutes, very slowly so we could both remember the moment. She reached out for my hand and held it tight. My insides were exploding. It was the happiest night of my entire life! We talked about everything we could think of. A few minutes later a car passed by and she quickly let go of my hand saying that she would want anyone to think that we were a couple of lesbians. It was the first moment of silence of the entire night with her. Awkwardness came along. I remember that she said something stupid to make me laugh so the conversation would go on.
Anyway,after that night we got even closer than I could ever imagine. She gave me her number and I gave her mine. She used to text me non-stop, we would talk 6-7 times a day for nearly 8 months. As time flew by we were getting closer and closer. We would walk to school together, I'd sleepover at her house and skip school just to see each other.
I've known her for almost a year. I moved to Australia and she is still back in Greece. I think about her daily and sometimes cry.. I miss her so much and so does she. We talk as much as we can, even though she has told me not to call her because she doesn't what me to hear her crying. About a month ago I told her that I might have had a crush on her. We both got very uncomfortable. She said that she only see's me a very very very close friend.. I refuse to believe it.

September 19th 2011
- "I wish you were a boy so we could be together" she texted me...
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so sadddddd :(

that's so f***** sad..............:'(

At first it hurt like hell, but time helps...its been almost 5 months without her. We talk daily but it's not the same :/

time is indeed the best cure and it is so good to hear that at least you kept your relationship and didn't loose its other. maybe one day she will overcome her fears, you will overcome the distance and eventually be togehter...i hope you will be ok :)

thank you :D
well we have thought of moving in and travelling together..
time will tell :)

that is great!! so, we'll see, i guess!! wish you the best! think positive and anything can happen:))

thank you I will :)

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