Why Shouldn't I Game

Ever since i can remember i've been playing video games. From the original Nintendo when i was little to now on both the wii and xbox. It's always funny how much **** i get when people realize i'm a girl. Even funnier are the comments i get before they realize i'm a girl, "Dude you sound like a girl" "Have your balls even dropped". No dipshit my balls haven't dropped because i'm a female and they never will. Anyway i mostly play MW2 on xbox live. It'd be nice to have a few other girls to play with. My gamertag is lif3isagambl3.
lifesagamble lifesagamble
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5 Responses Jul 9, 2010

sorry it took so long to reply... but if you want to game hit me up on xbox live lif3isagambl3 ... i'll be on all the time once Black Ops comes out

i think that some boys are just intimidated by girls who game because it doesn't have anything to do with physical strength just individual skill and hand eye coordination so girls can be just as competitive as the boys the playing field is even unlike in sports or anything physical where 9 times out of 10 the boys have the upper hand. and alot of times i think people forget its just a game and they take it way too seriously

My girlfriend is a gamer and I think it's great. A pop-culture-savvy girl is so damn attractive to me.

eh i never really got into pc gaming past the sims. and games on sites like addictinggames.com. most the time i don't even use my headset on xbox and fly under the radar when it comes to conversation to avoid the immature guys. i have met some guys that i used to play with alot and still do from time to time. just looking for more people to play with doesn't matter if they're girls but since its a gamer girl group i figured i might find some

get your self a pc you will find mroe female gamers on the pc imo .....