I've Always Played Games...

since i was a little girl the first game console i played on was the good old super nintendo, then there was the N64, of course i played Warcraft: Humans & Orcs, Hexen on Windows DOS, then i finally got my first game console at the age of 15...a playstation 2, i still have it even if it really needs a overhaul since i played on it constantly since then. Nowadays I own 2 gameboy advance sp (both special editions, one tribal and one looking like a the old super nintendo controller), a transparent green N64, a black Wii, two playstation 2, psp, and im soon gonna get myself a xbox360 and a ps3..i also have a vast rpg collection spanning over both ps1 and ps2 wich im proud of :D oh and some spelling errors may occur since english isnt my first language..

IcecoldLulu IcecoldLulu
22-25, F
Jul 18, 2010