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I hate it when people say "you're not a gamer if you're only into rpgs". It gets really old. It all started for me back in the 80's with Atari for me and my brothers, and of course I can't forget about Oregon Trail on the extremely chunky school computers. When we got our first Nintendo I was playing Dragon Warrior everyday. Aside from that, Tetris, Mario, and Double Dragon were all favorites. Then there was Super Nintendo, which will always be an awesome time of games. I will always have true love for Earthbound. The there was Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64, but my greatest memories are with Playstation. Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 7,8,9, Legend of Dragoon, they're all such beautiful games. I do play other types of games. FF10 was crap by the way. Was that even a game? It was like one big walk-through. Don't hurt me, but I love Sims 2, I just don't play it anymore. And I like Maplestory. I don't want to hear any philosophies about buying into a franchise. We do that by living anyway.
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RPG's are what keeps the gammers going when all else has been beat... me personally metal gear from nintendo's version to the ps version change is good but wow will live forever the platform keeps growing indef... sooo all in all i would have to say to be a gammer you have to experience all sorts of games RPG's included

rpg's are great but they aren't the be-all and end-all. the 2600 was the first system I got to play on too, I still love it, unfortunatly it sits in storage since I haven't had a TV that can play a 2600 in a few years

The first game I remember playing was Combat on the Atari 2600. It was my friend's so I unfortunately never owned one, but I did buy a 7800 a couple years back. I own more 2600 games for it than 7800, of course. Every time I buy Frogger it's broken! T_T<br />
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I also think OoT is more of an adventure game than an RPG. ^_^

Well BoomSickle, N64 just didn't have enough rpgs for me. Zelda is even borderline adventure game with just enough jumping around to make me frustrated. I didn't say any system was better than the other, just that my greatest memories happen to be with playstation but thank you oh so much for your esteemed approval. ;)<br />
Tiamichele you might consider Ocarina of Time its own system because what else was there on N64 that caused a lot of hype aside from Goldeneye :) which I used to play with my sister, and Duke Nukem but that's beside the point. Sure Zelda is in a class of its own, but to me its not so much because its a great game as it is just literally a 'different class' of game.

Yeah, that 10 year old game is better than most games being made TODAY.

Well, ok, thats arguable, I just think that Ocarina of Time single handedly raped any other system, yes im regarding that game as its own system XD

You lose points for saying that Playstation was better than N64, but you gain more points back than before for saying that FFX was crap. I hated it!