I apologize to the guys whose *** I Kick on COD. hahaha the best is when arrogant guys say ohh a chick is playing this is gonna be peanuts, and think they will beat me, then at the end of the match im 24 and 3 and they are negative. and i reply with "heyy __(insert gamertag)___ go make me a sandwhich" and then he leaves the match.. haha. oh well. i game for fun. I like it. My fave games are COD, and NHL right meow. Its pretty great. :D
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Please tell me you still play CoD. I am always looking for good players to party up with. It gets really old playing with guys all the time and it would be a breathe of fresh air to be able to hear a female's voice. Oh and I know what you mean by guys saying things like "this will be easy". I try to never underestimate my opponents. I mean I do talk smack online (just on CoD) but that is only to psyche myself up and I feel I have kind of earned the right seeing as how I have been playing CoD multiplayer since its debut on Xbox Live and have always been getting better with each new release. Don't get me wrong I play many different games but CoD has always held a special place in my heart. Haha

Way to go. Wish my girl was more like you. Can't get her to play any video games at all :-(