I'm Sick Of Being Laughed At

I've been a gamer since I left home at 18. While I'm not the best I'm better than some. What annoys me is no one in the online mmo community believes me when I say I'm female.
drakneko drakneko
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

What do you like?

At first I'm usually not believed either but when they finally do, many times it turns into a trolling session. This is NOT E-Harmony free chat weekend and that is NOT what I'm there for. Grrrrr.....

I have this problem too. Actually it's not a problem, after some minutes of chatting with me people start believing I am a girl, but I have some male traits of character and this makes my behavious man-like sometimes, so some guys say "I think you just play female char and you are a guy". I have a piece of advice for you: don't try to make them believe and persuade, just say "no, I am a girl", keep calm and continue chatting, if people see that you don't care about their believing or not, they will understand you are a girl indeed.

I feel the same way, turning it into a debate is a bad idea. The people that focus on that specific aspect tend to be the people I don't end up being friends with anyway. I actually end up communicating less than everyone and just playing. :/

If you play skill-based games where playing itself is important, then it's ok to keep silent. For example, some people may not say a single word during a match in League of Legends. But when you play pay-to-win games, which are quite repetetive, the only thing that makes you return back every day is communication, making friends, etc. Without communication such games would be too boring. But this is my opinion =) I wish you happy gaming. GL and HF.