Hard to Be a Girl Gamer...

Oh my GOD is it hard to be a girl gamer or WHAT???? It is. I don't care what people say, the girl gamer is not a myth. I LOVE to sit in front of a video game and play my happy heart out. I think the difference between girl gamers and guy gamers is that guys will play whatever whenever and their gaming tastes change radically and without warning all the time. My husband plays HALO whenever he can, whatever anyone is playing, he plays. Then it's Guitar Hero. Then maybe KOTOR. I mean, whatever. But often times my mood affects what I play. Maybe it's the "girl" in girl gamer that sets that off, I don't know. I mean...if I'm happy, then let's play Viva Pinata and grow some things. If I'm pissed off, let's play Gears of War and shoot the **** outta stuff. If I'm fun, then lets put the cheat on Halo where if you shoot the grunts in the head confetti pops out and kids yell YAY at the top of thier lungs. But guys...guy gamers don't have much to prove to other guys. "Oh, you play? Sweet, dude, pick up that controller right there and let's go..." Yeah...not the same if you're a woman.

"Oh, you play?" *guys in room exchange knowing looks* "Okay, why don't you be player four and stick to the back. If anything pops out at you, holla at your boy here and I'll shoot 'em for ya."

Or...even worse...they don't say anything at all and then all of the sudden, you get the guys you're playing with going into the controller settings and changing their sensitivity to one, and going into game settings and changing it to beginner. ********.

I mean...then you even say, "Man I'm doing good, you don't gotta do that," and all the guys think you did good cause of them, or because the settings got switched to easy. It's hard building up a rep for yourself when you're a girl gamer. Write me back and tell me what you think...

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Even in gaming, a females emotions follow them lmao. God damn haha

I'm like that too. When I'm pissed I tend to either shoot off some alien heads in Mass Effect and when I'm happy I play Grand Theft Auto because I'm weird. When I need to calm down I play some Mario Party or Zelda. I can play Halo 3 or L4D whenever though.

Ha... unfortunately the precautions for Halo would be necessary with me, since I'm not very good at FPS. >.< <br />
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My ex-boyfriend tried to get me to play the Star Wars MMO with him. He got me into the little "versus" part of the game, where you can go in and fight each other. Then he proceeded to Force Choke my character to death about twelve times in a row, while I was still trying to figure out the controls. When I complained, he was like "well you gotta learn how to defend yourself!" I said "How the **** am I supposed to learn how to defend myself if you only give me three seconds to figure out the goddamned controls?!" After that, I wouldn't play it with him anymore. :P <br />
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I learn game controls like I follow most instructions--try to figure it out by trial and error first, and THEN look at the book, because there's no way I'm gonna remember fifty different controls from reading it in the book anyway. This requires time. If he doesn't have the patience to let me figure out what I'm doing, then **** him, I'll go play WoW where I already KNOW the controls. :P

"Oh, you play?" *guys in room exchange knowing looks* "Okay, why don't you be pla<x>yer four and stick to the back. If anything pops out at you, holla at your boy here and I'll shoot 'em for ya."<br />
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Did guys really act like that? Hm... sorry about that i guess, lol. You are maybe playing in a wrong crowd? :P<br />
What can i say... um... "Not all guys are the same" line keeps popping into my head!

It's not so much the assumed weakness that bothers me as much as the assumed persona of a hoochie.<br />
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What is so hard to believe about a simple modest gal who can enjoy playing video games in her free time?<br />
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As for getting the guys to warm up to you, I guess this depends on genre because I do NOT like fps's. I'm into the role playing games and boys, whom I've played with, don't seem to have ob<x>jections--they're usually happy to have some social contact with a female.

What I think is funny, is when you level up faster or dont get killed or something and the guy freaks out and breaks his controller because he got beat by a girl....It makes me happy.

I agree... I am a PC gamer but my friends were my boyfriend's friends, and we'd all get together at his place and set up our PCs for a LAN party. My boyfriend treated me like an equal but I was only welcome by his friends IF there was room and I brought food.<br />
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We also play MMO's together... before I started dating my boyfriend I worked with his roommate. I had already discovered World of Warcraft on my own but rerolled Horde to meet some irl friends through my coworker (boyfriend's roommate) and he acted like I was his biatch and couldn't do anything without his help.<br />
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It's also difficult to make connections with pla<x>yers, who think that the slightest attempt at comraderie from you means you're flirting with them... pathetic.