Is anyone disappointed with the console and PC games? With the whole app era dealing a severe blow, I feel the quality of console and PC games have been flushed down the toilet. If you think your a gamer by playing all app games think again casino chompers. I'm tired of those remakes of remakes. Marvel and DC are great but it's getting repetitive. Wheres more epics like Wow, D&D, GOW, skyrim, Laura, ff and Mario's bros and several other greats. Wtf happened to Quake, I used to like that game. Wtf happened to Laura the remake was pretty cool yet lacked challenging obstacles and replaced them with strangulation, lol. Why'd they let the games get cheesy and shallow, like they can trick us or something by adding just a little more gore and boobie scenes. That is not what a good games about.
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They are still being made, it just seems most are on kickstarter currently. Torment is supposed to be quite like Baldur's Gate and Shroud of the Avatar looks promising if they can pull off what they have promised rather than just another MMO

I am personally really looking forward to the continuation of The Longest Journey Dreamfall, which is a great female lead point and click adventure

Interesting I will have to check it out.

I really love the tales of game