I love playing games but I sometimes hate going to events for games because it's mostly a bunch of awkward dudes who fall in love with you just because you have a vagina. Like, just because I share some of your interests, doesn't mean I am your soulmate, or even that I want to sleep with you.
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Lol most of the guys I meet at those events don't even bother talking to me because they assume I have a bf or they think I'm one of those girls who just plays to get attention. The guys who do talk to me are usually what you're describing..

Makes perfect sense. I remember once talking to this girl I liked and the topic of video games came up. She bragged about how good she is at Madden and how much she loved Cod. I smiled but on the inside "if only she knew how little I cared for sports games and hate COD" lol. Just cause a woman plays games doesn't mean a match made in heaven even if we play the same games.