Does She Like Me Or Not?

I am currently living and studying in S'pore and of course,I am a foreigner who is aged 14.I met her last half semester which was my first day of school as well.She was from another country.She has two younger brothers so she mostly acts like a mature person but as a boy.Next year,I found out that I was in same class with her.That time,I am just normal person.As some time passed with same unusual memories,I am seemed to attract towards her.I don't where it is started from but it has been quite long time I  call her onii-chan(big brother in japanese).I feel very safe and happy when I am around her.She shows some jealousy when I don't talk to her about quite time but to another friend.It is because I don't really have anything to discuss with her,sometimes.We share most of our interests like anime,manga,etc.I also know all her secrets.One thing that makes me confused is she treats me as one of her the most important person,like onii-chan,showing much care in every minute,even worries about my jokes.Example like I tell her that I am going back,then she cries.Last time,I was surrounded by some boys and she protected as my man.Her feelings showing towards me expresses in a lot of different ways.About her,she is kind,friendly and patient although she is a bit hard to understand something.I am not sure about my feelings towards her because I have a relationship about 6 years until now.She also has crush to 3 boys.But when I am afraid,she holds my hand and hug me(which is very unusual in S'pore as far as I know).Please help me what to do.I am confused whether she likes me as best friend or as a person and I don't want to be unfaithful person towards him as well.
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

It’s obvious that she likes u in a special way not just as a friend. ur lucky to have someone who hugs u and hold your hand just to make u feel safe.<br />
Whether u love her or not >> DONT ever loose her!

do you love her , coz if you do then u should tell her .<br />
i know that its hard but it will do something