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Hi my name is justine and i am in love with danica a. i have dreams at night about us kissing anbd having sex. what should i tell her. i love her a lot  and i want to makeout with her and to have sex with her help!
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same situation :c

Justine I feel for you girl. I think you should try to be tactful first and throw out some baits to see if and how she'd bite. For example you can say, "Girl, imagine I dreamnt us having sex last nite" and see how she'd react.<br />
I remember when I was in secondary school I had a crush on just about every one of my girlfriends at different points. When we were just about to graduate I sent e-mails to two of my best friends, who I was crushing on at that time, because it was really gnawing at me. One totally embraced me and said that though she didn't feel the same I would remain her friend always. The other stopped talking to me for about half a year and then told me she wanted to give me space to work out my feelings. So you see it can go either way. <br />
Later, about 3 yrs ago, I confessed to the lecturer I'm still inlove that I had feelings for her. She was very gracious and professional and we became even closer after that, until I threw a jealous "not quite lover" fit. We are still on good speaking terms but it's more "professionally friendly" than anything else. But like you, on more than one occasion daily, I fantasize about having sex with her, being affectionate with her, spending a weekend with her and most of all being her husband. The last fantasy is my favourite. Something about her screams "wife-material" to me. She looks like she's wicked in bed and desires great sex and ,most importantly, T.L.C.<br />
But find creative and indirect ways to let her know how you feel first and then if she is open come right out and be frank.

are you sure youre in *love? it could just be *lust..<br />
You havent said too much but if youre not already friends i suggest trying to get to know her and gradually becoming better friends. If you're already close friends, then just tell her- if you know she's understanding enough to take it or possibly even like you back:)

God.. i wish i could help.. but i want cuz im in the same situation.. T__T

GAAAAAAD! that' what i want to do with my almost girlfriend.. i love her and she loves me. we hug each other a lot but no kissing yet. no sex. i mean. how can you have sex with a girl? ugh. sometimes, i want to make out with her.. but hey, it's your choice. uh. maybe you should think how she'll react when you tell her. normally, she may be scared or pissed off.. that's what i think. if she's the conservative type. just don't say it straight to her face. just let her feel you like her. but not in a scary way. that's what i did. :)

tell her how u feel

i agree!

you use ******/vibrators and other ways to have girlxgirl btw

I think you should tell her^_^ I know how you feel, but there is one question. Is she gay? You might get hurt but Never give up! Good Luck ^_^

i told a girl i was in love with her it did not go down well, i know that she is bisexual as well, she hasnt addmited it but i know a girl she has done stuff with, anyway getting back to the point i told her how i felt and it completely ruined our relationship, she wont even talk to me anymore, i think she might be afraid something will happen even though i told her that i wouldnt push it if its not what she wanted but yeah. if ur willing to take the chance then go for it, i took it and it didnt turn out the way i wanted it to but i dont regret telling her but it still hurts everytime i see her which is everyday except weekends and sometimes weekends aswell.... good luck and i hope u get the response u are hopeing 4

I can't believe the first comment! You won't go to Heaven!? Yes you will!! Just because you're gay, lesbain or bi people label others and say "you're dammed to hell!". This is a place where others can get SUPPORT! I am not gay, but I believe that everyone can get into Heaven, no matter who they have sex with. God is all about love, and Christains are supposed to accept people for who they are and what they are without saying people are wrong because they're different.<br />
<br />
Anyways, back to the point, if you love her then sit her down and tell her. Ask her how she feels about you, and don't make her feel uncomfortable by pressing the matter. If she says that she's not sure about you give her time.<br />
Of course if you want to just quickly make out with her, then you could just get her drunk and kiss her for a dare, but there would be many problems after so I wouldn't go for that option.<br />
Good luck and I hope she loves you too. That's what the world needs most of right now.

I agree Lostangel hun!!!!!

I am Bi-sexual.....so I guess....I wont be getting in to heaven. Which doesnt bother me......Because we are who we are. We were created this way for a reason. Justine hun.....just sit down and talk to her and tell her how you feel. Things will fall into place. Im here if you need a friend.

I think you need to judge for yourself whether it's better to tell her or not - you know her, we don't. As for not getting into heaven, well as I don't believe in heaven or hell anyway, no big deal I don't think.

I am not a religious person but having sex with the same sex won't get you to heaven. It's not worth it.