Why I Love That Girl

Her smile, her lips, her eyes, everything about her makes me weak. I look at her and all I see is beautiful no matter how her hair looks or how she is dressed. She was the first woman that I have ever loved, and probably the only woman that I will love like this in my life. I can still remember the first time she said she loved me, we were sitting at the reservoir after our eleventh date I was holding her in my arms and we were watching the the sunset. Something about the way the sun made her skin glow drove me crazy. Everybody thinks I am crazy for loving her the way I do but I think that we were made for each other. We were made to walk hand in hand with each other, and love each other. 
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bless you

Beautiful story.

your lucky

Beautiful story...

I love her and she loves me too but she has a bf she loves me as if I was her bf. I just hope I can have her as mine and forever. :( am really bleeding

grate story...

good for u. im kinda envious.

i loved a girl n she loved me too i afriad to lose her coz her parents knw me n they r angree on her :( wht should i do

im a boy btw !!

im 13 and ive just met an absolute stunner i love every bit of her shes pretty shes kind and we have so much in common i have told her i love her and i got it back with loads of hearts she kissed me the other day but i dont know if she likes me back in the way i like her what do i do

to loved,, and be loved and return..you are lucky... :)

that's great , i'm also in love with a girl like long time ago, but she doesn't know that i do , do i have to tell her my feelings?<br />
if so , i'm afraid to lose her as a friend , because i don't think that she is gay.<br />
<br />
i'm so confused , and paranoid , don't know what to do :(

Its really nice,but can be love with a friend, even though im engaged to my boyfriend. I cant stop thinking about her in ways i even discribed.

i too feel the same.... but the thing is the girl i love is not mine... and she never said that she loves me... i am happy to hear that u have yours..!! :)


i love your story :)

Thanks! ;-)

wow.so sweet =)

wow.so sweet =)

wow.so sweet =)