What You Do Because You Can't Help It

I can't really explain it,
each time I pass you by.
I smile quietly to myself,
and feel the need to cry.

It's so easy to convince myself
that I am over you.
One look into your deep brown eyes;
I know somehow that's not true

Then I see your perfect face,
your smile, cheeks, galore.
And I'm reminded of all the reasons
why it's you I do adore:

How bluntly honest( and occasionally mean)
you can effortlessly be.
The weird and crazy things you say,
when you're alone with me.

The way you say my name again;
 it leaves me wanting more.
How I think of you as ''more than just a friend'' 
I have never felt this way before.

How long I can hang on to your words-
when you walk right  through the door
You're so kind gentle and caring
And I'm left begging you for more --

How your messy hair falls perfectly.
The way you look when you're with with me.
I see the world in your eyes,
as you see right through my gentle lies.

This throws me off again;
And though I know I can't have you in the end,
your smile makes my world mend.
And I fall hopelessly in love with you --all over again...


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7 Responses Dec 16, 2011

how so sweet...(^__^)
did she red this poem??

noooo ma'am! for the better, too. She knew how I felt about her....

really?? ...so she felt the same??...

no no. not at all. For three years I had to see her every day and she never looked at her the same way I looked at her :S

oh,..i feel sorry for that...

awwwe why??

ahmmp!..because for asking that question...

oh noooo don't feel sorry! its all good i promise :)

okay..thats nice dear(^__^)xoxoxo

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I loove it:3

Thanks :) its not my favorite though :(



that is beautiful

Thank yoou! :)

I write some poem too about girl i love i hope you can read and like too xx

That is lovely<3 i swear the world vanished when i read this:') everything that i think about amy like!<3 thank you! xx

Awwwe thanks love! I wish you the best with her :)

Hahaha no she just sees me as a friend :p but it's all good, and thank you!

do you both feel the same way if so enjoy your selfs