Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish for you at 11:11...
Sometimes I pretend that I'm brave enough to talk to you,
Sometimes I do talk to you, but I can't ever hold a conversation with you because
Sometimes I get way too nervous that all thoughts fly out of my mind.
Sometimes I dream about you, and in those dreams, I'm brave, I'm not shy, and I sweep you off of your feet :)
SometimesĀ I wish you knew..
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so afraid..
Sometimes I wish you felt the same way..
Sometimes I wish I could hold your hand,
Sometimes I wish I could hug you,
Sometimes I wish I could call you my girlfriend.
Sometimes. I wish. I wish that I could tell you all of these things, and you would say it all back to me.. :/
But the biggest thing I wish for, the wish that I pray to God will come true... I wish that you would be happy, that you would stop hurting..
I'll push all the other wishes and wants aside for that one wish to come true...
Sometimes, I wish...
BooBear96 BooBear96
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 26, 2012

I like It....^_^

amazing..loved it

foe them to be happy , that's what always a true love ends with .. :)

nicely done..even made it to my faves..bravo..:)