In Love With My Best Friend

i've been in love with my best friend for a year now and everyday i would try to supress my feelings for her because "since i'm a christian i can't like the same gender'. a little later i finally decided to embrace them. also, just recently, one of my guy friends has been attracted to her. it got to the point where i almost yelled/pushed him away him for being to close to her. so, just last friday i finally decided to confess to her by giving her a drawing i made for her and wrote on the back telling her all of my feelings for her. man, i felt like a coward... but i didn't want to see her face of disgust. you see, a few months before she said " i could never imagine being with another girl." it broke me a little inside... BUT, since i was incredibly nervous i texted her. (COWARD!) and guess what? SHE LIKES ME BACK! god, i was so relieved!!! and now here we are. my girlfriend and i, finally happy from our problamatic life. especially for her, i haven't seen her so happy~ i'm pretty sure we won't be seperating for a very, very long time.

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ahhaa... i loved it... that is good to know you guys are together. i wish u two be with each other forever. i have a same situation as yours. i am in love with my best friend but a guy in our class is crazy about her he tries to touch her many times...i feel so infuriated. feel like to kill him or slap him. i wish she could understand it. anyways ur lucky girl... God bless u

I really am. I really do hope she understands. i know how much it must hurt when someone is all over the one you love.

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Happy ending! Good for you! :D<br />
I'm JEALOUS! Officially.<br />
I like my friend, too, but she doesn't know! DX I try to drop hints here and there, especially through text; I try to make love jokes, but I guess she's a bit...oblivious. Heh.<br />
Oh, well, I'm happy for the two of you! I swear, this is so touching! And it encouraged me a WHOLE lot, so thank you for posting this! <br />
And if the guy who likes her tries to pull you two apart, punch him in the nose! XD

thank you for having enough time to read it. c: and i hope the one you love will love you back once she finally finds out.
oh, and about that guy. i swear i'm going to something horrible to his man hood. he's telling everyone he wants/is going to have sex with MY girlfriend. he used to be a friend, now he's my mortal enemy.
on a lighter note~ i'm glad my story gave you the motivation to keep going! and again, i do hope she likes you back once she finds out.

Haha, desperate dude, isn't he? He's trying to get ahead of you. Well, go kick his ding-dong, then! Then, when he doubles over, kick his face! XD
Well, thanks! I hope she does like me back... I won't give up trying to get what's rightfully mine! :D You shouldn't give up protecting what you already have! Take care of her! I'm sure you can 'sort things out' with the loser who threatens your relationship.