You're Not Like The Others

You are far different from the others ive "loved"...
I wish that i could tell you - show you - how much i love you, how much i want you, how much i need you.
I've dreamed about you so many times, and i wish those dreams would come true. I've written a song about you, to express how much i love you. When i was in New Mexico - so many miles apart from you - for just 3 days, i couldnt bare being around anyone else.

Everything about you is so perfect: you're cute personality, your sparkling brown eyes, your amazing smile, your beautiful shimmering hair and the way it falls upon your shoulders, your adorable laugh.

You drive me nuts when you say my name. You make my day - everyday - when we get to walk together to 7th hour.

I feel so gullible believing that you like me back. youre playing tricks on me and its not fair. You tell me about my laugh, when you dont see me for awhile you get excited when you do, you sit on my lap,you look deep into my eyes. If you do love me back, please tell me? i beg of you! otherwise, stop making a fool of me.

I think about you everyday, i try so hard not to make it obvious that i am falling hard for you.

All the other girls i had loved, i was able to get over on the first try. But you keep coming back, you keep finding a way to crawl into my heart.

It may never happen, but i hope that one day i can tell you how much you mean to me. Brittney, you have my heart. I don't know what else to tell you.
itsjustmusic24 itsjustmusic24
18-21, F
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I know what you's painful