I'm a 18 year old girl who has been living a lie.
My parents think I'm only into guys but truly I'm into both genders.
Iv known this since I was 13, but 14 was the age that in truly new I had a thing
For girls. But as the years wentt by my feelings have changed back and forth
I even tried to make my self believe that I didn't like girls. That didn't when will.
So if you are reading this please tell me what I should do! <3
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

if you are interested in her,say her what you feel about her and when she answers then decide what to do:-)

True thank u I might do that :)

Thank u :) && I do want to have sex with a girl soon :)) but I'm waiting to find someone I can trust. & I am very sexually attracted to girls :D & thank u I know I'm not alone.

i think u should try with girls before ,it doesnt have to be serious it can sex with no string-attached with them! Do it with someone u trust nd warn them that u just trying things up so they wont think that u in love with them or something!<= dat's if u r sexually attracted to girls but if its emotionally or sentimental u have to follow ur heart my dear!<br />
Nd ur not alone :)

Thank u ^ &amp; for taking the time to write wat u needed to say. (:
&amp;&amp; yea I am attracted to girls. But , it's hard to tell someone u trust that u wana experiment on their body &amp; stuff lol

i know wat u mean dats y i havnt experienced it yet