She Thinks Shes Not Good Enough For Me..... Shes Wrong!!!

when i met amber, i noticed shes kind, funny, caring, and fun to tlk to. 100% of my messages are of out conversation! I fell really hard for her. I dont care if shes far away and i told her that! She thinks shes not good enough for me because shes not perfect, but babe to me ur my everything. I am not perfect either, to be honest, i get angry easily, i tend act like immature a lot. I have gotten drunk, i have gotten high, i have been abused, and even raped when i was small by my own fathers sister, i have never told anyone! I have battled depression, suicide, bullying. But none of those things stopped me. I have found someone who understands me. Who knows what i have been through and knows what i have done and still loves me. I want to give her everything, I just wished she would believe me. AMBER YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME, UR MY GIRLFRIEND, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY OWN LIFE, WITH OUT YOU MY LIFE IS MEANINGLESS AND LOST AGAIN. SO AMBER PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU DONT LEAVE ME, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER LEAVE YOU!!!! PLEASE DONT HARM YOURSELF, PLEASE ITS GOING TO KILL ME, I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!!
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2 Responses Jun 24, 2012

Omg. I was scared for a short minute, because my name's Amber. Lulz. XD

hello... i really feel your pain and what you are going through.. i was in an exact situation as well with my girlfriend and she just wont have me...for one reason or the other.. until someone introduced me to a spiritualist that helped me out and prayed for our union..and it worked.. we are together now and nothing can every separate us.. email me on arnessa.stone at y a h o o d o t c o m so ill give u more details...dont give up ok?