My Dream.

This morning, my first love said we were officially lovers, she assumed that we were and she wanted us to be!! I am very happy!! I feel so happy!! words seemed to become useless to explain the feeling. The girl whom I love, loves me too?? I just cant believe it!! My unrequited love is fulfilled at last!! Shes so lovey-dovey with me, shes soo sweet!! I never imagined that she would be but anyway, I really love the feeling! I wondered and ask myself, would this happiness will last? Not long after my question got an answer. I heard some voices, I see rays of sunlight with my eyes closed, I opened and woke up, I realized and to my dismay, it was all just a dream, what's left with me from that dream is my heart beating so hard and fast!! I never would have thought that the idea of her being my lover would bring soo much impact to me, to be specific, I never would have thought it was that exciting. I love her and theres no doubt about it!! but I dont like the idea of her being my lover, weird right? It's just it doesn't feel right. I gave up and I really don't wanna for the reason that I can't make her happy. But from there, I realized how important she is to me, how I want to be with her more, how I want her to be mine. I always deny it but deep inside, i really want her. I realized in my dreams how she can make me happy. I would be lonely without her, she is soon leaving me, thinking about it hurts. I will just have to cherish the remaining time together. I will miss her. The dream gave an incredible feeling of longing!! and sadness.. I feel like crying the whole day, to be honest I cried and feel hurt the fact that it all was just a dream. I don't understand, I thought I'm over this feeling but just in an instant.. It all came back!! with just this one dream I had...
janks01 janks01
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012