What Is And What Will Probably Never Be

It is the way you talk to me that has kept our friendship real for so long. The words intermingle in spaces of time like a dance between us. You fully understand me as I do you. When we are out together nothing else matters I am truly focused on you as you are on me. You know me so well as I do you but I have never said the words I need to say to you. I need to tell you that I want you so badly. I think you already know by your subtle flirting but I am too scared to make a move. You have opened conversations that have given me so many chances to say what I feel but I keep holding back. Im waiting for you to ask me so I can gladly say yes but you only hint you never take it further which aches inside of me. If only we can reach that moment together, the moment when it just comes together, until that happens we will never be. It is so sad to know that we would be great together but I'm always unsure of your intentions. Please let me know. I need you. I cannot continue this the way it is it hurts too much.
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4 Responses Nov 12, 2012

I'm wondering how things are for you now

All I can say is that I feel like I wrote this myself!!! If u would like to talk about this futher I am hear to listen! Just inbox me I can definately relate to what u are going through!

I know the feeling... I'm in that situation too. When I waas reading your story I felt as if I wrote it coz I can definitely relate and experience what ur experiencing. Until know I'm still holding back for my feelings for her becoz I'm so scared of whats goin to happend when she finds out... the thing is she doesn't know that I started faling for her.. I give some hints but I'm not sure if she notice.. but sometimes she kind of flirts with me maybe its a sign that I should go for it but the thing is i'm not sure if those sign is accurate or its just normal for her doing those stuffs that shes doin to me... Idk I'm still shaky about wether or not I should tell her becoz I dont want to ruin our friendship if she rejects or doesn't love me.

:( In my case I am this girl you are talking about but I can't tell her that I want her too because I am in a relationship :/