I Really Dont Understand...

Sometimes im thinking what would I do if I lose you... I can't live without you.. i dont see myself not to be on your arms. I show you all this signs that I have feelings for you but I guess you dont see it. Maybe you know what I really feel about you and you just dont want to say anything becoz you don't know what your friends will say to you. I feel like you give me signs too... but I'm scared that I might misinterpret it and you take it the wrong way. People keep telling me that its easier to just tell the person you love how you really feel about her coz maybe she feels the same. Or you should tell her.... to make your life easy, but my deepest fear to lose you and I dont want that to happened. I rather feel the pain and agony of you not know how I feel about you than losing you.. thats how much I love you. I'm already contented with your hands as i touches my hands, your face as i see it everyday, the angelic sound of your voice and especially your laugh that I hear everyday, and most definitely your smiles. Your smiles means the world to me... you barely smile but when you do it really last for awhile. Every momements I have with you, you turned my heart around and make me love you even more.. I love you.. I love you.. I love you.. to the infinite :)
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4 Responses Nov 16, 2012

@ shine7 Thank you :) I'm glad you like it. & its so nice to hear from someone that experience this things too. Thank you

@ EsBellaElla Lol... I wish too but I dont think its goin to happened. I feel like she just likes me as a friend and nothing more. I love her anyway and I will always will .. even if I know that we can never be together "together" :)

Awe. I hope one day you both know what the other one feels.

this is so sweet, i feel for you....