Oh How It Hurts

to b in love with someone who dont love you hurts like hell, she once was mine then one day without warning she only cud b my friend, i shudnt have ever let her in my heart, she was straight when i met her, we were together 5 months one day she tells me she loves me a week latr were arguing i walk out of her house n the next day she text me with leave her alone she wants nothing to do with me, she wont answer my calls or tell me what i did so bad to make her treat me so mean, my heart cant stop missing her, i cant get her off my mind, i cant move on, i wish i knew why but i guess i never will, i fell so in love now i dont want to go on
latinlaydey latinlaydey
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3 Responses Nov 16, 2012

You probably didn't do anything to her to make her treat you so bad, this is not your fault and asking yourself Why ? is a question that can never be answered so I have to say, stop it! Easier said than done I know but trust me. If there is a chance that it will somehow workout for you to be with this person, as long as you are hurting and desperaty waiting for her to throw you a crumb of attention, she will never want anything to do with you. The only possible way for you to get her is to forget her, get over your pain and move on, only then will it be possible for her to see what she let go and want you back. But be warned, when you do this, you probably wont want her and she will be the one wondering and asking her self why? to no avail. Good luck my dear.

thank you for responding, i know i didnt do anything bad, just miss her,

I feel you'r pain ...I promise it will get better.. it took me about 2 months to stop crying all day and here I am almost 3 yrs later feeling fine, just happy she and I are friends.Dont give up. she is not the only person out there!!

does the pain n crying ever stop

i understand