I Am Bi And I'm In Love With A Normal Straight Girl.

She has a great smile and wonderful voice that can make your knees fall down. Her humbleness and simplicity even she's above people or let say "rich kid". I just wanna know, can I make her fall in love with me or should I stop this now as soon as this feelings of mine doesn't get worst?
erabus erabus
4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I hate it when that happens

Maybe you could try to learn about her views on bis and lesbians. If she seems homophobic, then I think you should stop this, but if she seems okay with it you could try to see if she likes you. Anyway, good luck!

Dude!!! When I was reading this I feel something.. I felt as if I heard this before.. :) & yes.. Its up to you... If you love her yes and most definitely go for it.

its up to you....all i can say fight for your happiness..xoxo!

Yeah right! Just say what you really feel..