She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not?

Dear fellow friends,

I am in-love with this girl i met a few months ago. The time we had spent together was very short, 4 weeks to be exact.
While her stay was short and brief, we manage to enjoy each other's company.
It wasnt until she left that i told her i was in love with her. She was ok with the act that i was in love with her but she doesnt like the idea of 2 girls dating each other.
It has been 3 months since she left and we keep contact everyday thru texting and skyping at least once a week. I have told her that i loved her more than a friend. She she told me she loves me but never says anything other than that.
But she does tell me that she craves for my presence. We talked about kisses and hugs. And how i wanted to kiss her. And how she wants to be kissed. I have asked her if i could give her kisses when we will see each other in the future and she says yes. We constantly assure each other that were here for one another. And i am so madly in-love with her. But i dont know if she loves me the way that i do love her, because when i asked her if she loves me like a sister, she said yes. But we talk about intimate things but with jokes in it.

Does this mean she loves me more than a sister or what?
blueink31 blueink31
Nov 27, 2012