I Realy Do Love Her And It Cant Be Denied!!!!

I realy do love her and it can't be denied she is in my every thought! I tried to deny this for a few years now and jus try and make myself think that its jus a 1 way feeling but deep in my heart I don't think its 1 sided I think she feels the same way! I am very scared to say anything cause what if I'm wrong! Anybody that come in contact wit spots this immediately! Comments have been made! Can anyone out there explain to me how can my feelings for this WOMAN be this strong?? I thing what has me the most puzzled is where did this come frm! I have never felt like this for NOBODY B4 and its a woman! I love her though with all my heart would do anything to make her happy! Some times I cry cause I can't believe my feelings for her can't believe if this is real! I imagine myself being with her all the time and idk when I do that I get this weird since of piece in my life! And what's even more weird is most times while I'm haveing these thoughts she calls me as if she know I'm thinking about her! Maybe its jus my imagination Lol I jus need to say that! But 1 thing I know for shore is I do LOVE her and its undeniable! LOVE hurts!!!:'(
Aree808 Aree808
36-40, F
Dec 3, 2012