What Changed!?

Well I know this isn't the part of the website where u ask questions but I jus wanted ask someone in the group! Here goes! If anybody has read any of my stories u will know I'm in love with this woman and she started off flirting with me and woman being with women was one of our main topics when we met, but now its like the forbiden how can u go frm 60-0 like nothing!???
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That's the problem she never made it clear to me. That she wanted to be with me it wa all mixed signals! Now I am dealing with her being with different guys all the time! She claims she ain't sleeping witht them! But idk! She allways find somethn wrong wit em!

have you ever made it clear to her that you want to be with her?

No I have never made that clear only because she has been sending mixed signals so I dnt know where her head is hlf the time! I must add I never have felt like this for woman b4 so I'm new @ this!

Smh I don't even know how to go about it!

I'm free I'm not seeing any1 and haven't been because of the way that I feel for her but I dnt know how much longer I can continue to be like this! She still flirts with me maybe not as much but like I said b4 if the convo comes up any more she jus dnt say much!

did you ever talk about being together?

maybe at first she was talking about it because it was her imagination and now, when you've got to the point when she could actually do that and be with you she's thinkin that's not ok because you're not completly free ... so she's trying to forget about all that and control her life :/

Very well said Softflash. I agree that I dnt think they will go away because I feel like she will allways have a place in my heart no matter what! But idk if its that she scared cause when we 1st started talking she allways said she would be with a woman and now jus nothing if it get brought up its like the fobiden convo!

I personally believe it's impossible to erase feelings for somebody just because nothing happened between those two people. in fact, i think that, if two persons love each other , feel desire for eachother they those feelings can disapeare only if they end up together and, after some time those feelings can fade ( not completley but it can't be the same feeling after being 3 years together, thats just human nature).. but if they feel something but never try being together they will always feel some kind of desire for eachother.. In your case I think it's not that her feelings changed, maybe she's youst afraid of getting into something whit a woman.