I am a freshman in college and before I met "Her" I have never liked a girl before ...it's something different about her and idk what it is. I told her I liked her and we started to get close ..we aren't in a relationship just close friends but recently I texted her and she didn't respond ...she would tell me how much she cared about me and now we don't talk at all ... I feel like she was leading me on ..but I just can't seem to get over her ..now Im just thinking the worst like ..what if she got back with her ex girlfriend ..maybe that's why we don't talk anymore... And the bad thing is ..i think now Im in love with her ..and it's hard because we went from texting everyday ..even when we didn't talk all day she would at least say goodnight or good morning and now ..nothing ..I know in my mind I have to move on but my heart just doesn't want to..
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Wow I feel bad for you. Have you tried calling her to ask her what's going on? I would at least want to know if she's back with her girlfriend so I could move on. I fell for a girl too, only she's straight and has a boyfriend ):

Same story.. Bt she is stright.. N she is the person i like most n I hate most..

And dont worry, this is my job!!! helping people through there relationship things :)

Okayyy So I Panicked ..Somerhing Is Wrong With Her Phone! ....But I Stil Don't Know Of She Likes Me ..One Day She Said We Can't Be Together ..And I Told Her To Tell Me She Just Doesn't Want To Be With Me Because She's Saying We Can't ..Like If We Could Then We Would Be ...and She Said I Know Exactly What Im Saying ...She Confuses Me ...And I Just Want To Know Should I Keep Fighting For Her? Im Just A Fresman In College ..But She's A Senior ..About To Graduate ..But We're Both From The Same City And State I Really Think This Could Work ..And I Want It Too Because I Love Her..

Right, dont panic!!!! this is normal. If you really do like this girl then you should try and talk to her face to face, dont just come right out and say "i like you" , just say something like, are we still friends? if not ask why and if you can work it out! if she says yes then work at it get her to like you to!! if as you say really do like her but you want to know now if she like's you. Then you will have to be a little patient. but it may happen in a few days maybe weeks maybe months. i know thats not the best waiting months but as i said, it might just be days!! If you really do like her then you will be patient but the worst thing you can do is not do anything, go after her!!! Good luck, I hope it works out ^_^