If I Could Have You Again.. Oh If Only I Could.

Take your eyes; sweet and brown like coffee, I love that feeling, when you can't take them off me. Take your smile; so unique and alarming; the way your lips curve up, so entirely charming. Take your words; the ones of persuasion.. How they take over my thoughts, they come in; an invasion. Take your body; so warm under mine, tanned skin; so soft, so sweet and divine. Take your hands, as they curl over mine; our fingers together; neatly intwined. Take your head, as it lays on my chest; speeding my heartbeat, like an unwanted guest. Take your heart; together with mine; sweetly in course with a beating so kind. Take this love; it could be real.. We had so much potential.. It's all so surreal..
BooBear96 BooBear96
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012