She's A Sweetheart

You know, I sometimes look at her picture and think, this cutie likes me. She really does. It helps me through winter break. I miss her so badly I cry myself to sleep at times. But two days ago I got a lovely surprise of a text from her.
She called me cutie. She sent me hearts, compliments, and reassured me. She was using a friend's phone with her permission, and it hurt to think that after those nights, there would be no more texting, no talking til Monday. But the text itself wasn't just a surprise... The last night we were able to text she told me her and her boyfriend had broke up. Then I swore it was like every other text message had hearts! It was a good feeling. I was making an attempt at flirting, but it turned into raw gushing, but that was okay. She likes me. There was nothing that could make me happier, than being able to talk to her again.
But I will miss staying up at night, texting until we pass out from exhaustion, gushing pure sweetness and hearts.
I love it all, and I cannot wait to see her soon. Just 28 more hours, until I can see her again. <3
KolsaReflection KolsaReflection
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013